Deer Fences

Whether used to protect a backyard garden or a multi-acre farm, deer fencing is an effective tool to help prevent deer from damaging crops and landscapes.

Hampotns Deer Fence installs deer fencing made from polypropylene plastic. This product is a virtually invisible barrier intended to aide in preventing deer from gaining access to your 1a217825895031.5546e163a97e0yard. Strong and impact resistant, a main benefit of this nearly invisible fencing is that it does not detract from the landscape. This type of deer fencing can be hung from cables, a metal framework or strung between trees. The key to deer control is to seal the entire area as deer will wander and even traverse driveways

Custom Garden Deer Fencing & Gates

We spend so many hours working our vegtable garden. It is an investment in time and money. Without proper fencing a few deer can devour your hard work overnight. A custom design garden fencing can safe quard your valuable work.

Protect your hard work with our Deer Protection System.
Hamptons Deer Fence Easthampton, New York